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Semen Volume Pills - Testimonials

volume-pills-product-picture "It seemed like my semen load was getting smaller with each passing year. Finally I got fed up and decided to try and do something about it. Wow!! Am I happy I found this site, but I think my wife is even happier!"  Derek Criddle. - NY, USAd more

"I am so glad I came across this product, Volumaxx. My orgasms remind me of when I was a teenager, and my semen load increased up to 3 times the amount and a lot thicker from when I started. I knew it was supposed to be a male orgasm enhancer, but wow! I thought I might pass out!!"  Randall G. - UK

"I don't know what happened to my semen load size, it just kind of dwindled to nothing. I figured if Semenax pills were good enough for Ron Jeremy, why not give it a try? I noticed results almost immediately, but the best was still to come. After 4 months of Semenax, I'd say my amount of semen I shoot has probably quadrupled. I plan on taking it for a long, long, time!" Dave Bennett, - Melbourne, Australia

 "I certainly don't mind the huge cum loads, but for me, it's all about the better orgasms. It reminds me of when I was in high school - only better... I would say that my orgasms tripled in power and intensity. When I shoot, there's probably 8 or 9 jets of semen, when before I had maybe 3 or 4. I'll keep on taking Volumaxx for as long as they keep making it!!!" Wade Hoppe, Canada

"Wow! Volume Pills changed my I'm a dad, finally... thanks!"

happy couple with volume pills "After 11 months of trying to conceive we finally saw a fertility specialist for testing. Imagine my surprise when he said that the problem was with my sperm count. It wasn't something I had given much thought to before. I tried these Volume Pills mainly for the sperm count, and it's working. After only 8 months, we're pregnant!" Joan & Ray Kiebler, Seattle, USA

 "Thanks guys! My son is almost a year old, and I couldn't be happier! Funny thing is, I'm still taking my Volumaxx every day as I love the effect it has on my orgasms and release. When I ejaculate now, I'm like a firehose - Muchas Gracias" Luis Quesada, Costa Rica

"Needless to say, I found it quite hard to COMPLETELY give up caffeine and alcohol. I enjoyed knowing that even if I had an occasional drink or coffee, the Semenax Pills were more than making up for it. I contacted them a couple of times with questions and the support was first class!" Gary Ell, Las Vegas

"It seemed like my semen load was getting smaller with each passing year. Finally I got fed up and decided to try and do something about it. Wow!! Am I happy I found this site. I changed my diet a bit and started taking the sperm pills, I went from a couple of dribbles to about 3 tablespoons. My girlfriend couldn't believe it, but she loves it!" Name and address withheld

"My girlfriend used to be able to swallow it all - NOT ANY MORE!!"

"I bought 1 bottle of Volumaxx Pills for my boyfriend, kind of as a joke. But by the end of the month, we were so amazed - we ordered another 6 bottles! Now we joke about his "eruptions" Thanks Volume Pills!" Amy G., Santa Monica - USA

"It seems like I had no confidence because of my small semen load size. I didn't even know there were products that could change it. I tried a 4-month supply of Semenax just to check it out - now 2 of my buddies are taking it 'cause they see how often I"m getting laid. Thanks for the advantage!"  Tyler Kennedy, Victoria BC

"My wife and I had almost given up on having kids when I discovered this site. Six months of Volume Pills later, and we were pregnant. She told me I could stop taking them now, I said 'yeah, right!!" Phil Braithwaite - Toronto, Canada

"I knew that some of the penis pills worked, because I tried a few bottles. But I was skeptical that you could take a pill to increase semen production. Boy, was I wrong" Hunter T. - New Zealand


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